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Sakura Alkaline Water – 650 ml

By, Mak B


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Sakura Alkaline Water – 650 ml

Benefits Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. That’s, why we call it, H20.

  • Optimal hydration
  • A Powerful Antioxidant amount of hydrogen in water is measured
  • Effectively Balances Body’s pH Levels as pH levels. Alkaline water has more
  • Promotes Better Hydration hydrogen — or a higher pH — than regular
  • Detox the Body water.
  • Boost The Immune System Water’s pH level ranges on a scale from O
  • Can Help You Lose Weight
  • Helps Fight Cancer to 14. Seven is considered neutral or
  • Prevents Diabetes Development balanced between acidic and alkaline. If
  • Can Help Cure Psoriasis water is below 7 on the pH scale, it’s “acidic.” If it’s higher than 7, it’s “alkaline.

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